The new Blended Retirement System (BRS) took effect on Jan. 1, and all servicemembers who entered service this year were automatically opted in to the new program, which combines elements of the traditional military retirement but also a contribution to a Thrift Savings Plan.

But many troops have an option this year to enroll with this new plan or stick with the old. Specifically, those servicemembers with less than 12 years of service in the active component or less than 4,320 retirement points in the reserve component are eligible to make a one-time decision to opt-in to the new BRS or remain in the legacy system. The ability to opt-in ends on Dec. 31. 

The Military Officers Association of America wants to hear from service members who have made their decision. Did you choose to stick with the old plan, or sign up for the new one?  Why? Did the Defense Department properly inform you of your options? If you're not in service, do you know someone who is? 

Please click here to take our short survey or share it with the service members in your life.

Responses will be anonymous. Your participation is vital to continuing MOAA's advocacy efforts to preserve your pay and benefits. Please share this link widely so that we can hear from as many servicemembers as possible.