Voices for America’s Troops (Voices) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization whose purpose is to support a strong national defense and sustain a top-quality all-volunteer force by ensuring fair treatment of all who serve in uniform – past, present and future – and their families and survivors.

Voices is a subsidiary of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) — the largest military officers organization and the fourth-largest veterans association. MOAA has been recognized by The Hill (the largest-circulation newspaper on Capitol Hill) for six years in a row as the “Top Lobbyist” on behalf of the military and veterans’ communities.

The primary purpose of Voices is to educate the public on legislative and policy challenges affecting the military and veterans community and to seek the broadest possible base of grass-roots advocacy to support the needs of those who serve and sacrifice – or have served and sacrificed – in hot and cold wars around the globe.

America’s Troops are the only military weapons system that has never let our country down. Voices is dedicated to ensuring America continues to provide them the same level of reciprocal support and commitment that they have consistently demonstrated for America.

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