Cuts Could Break Military Medicine

The proposal to slash 18,000 jobs could cause irreversible damage, a former Navy Surgeon General says.   Read More >

They Inspired 'Saving Private Ryan'

How this unit influenced one of the most famous war movies of today.  Read More >

'Marie Kondo' of Military Spouses

This Air Force spouse has created a business centered on organizing.   Read More >

New World War II Stamp

The U.S. Post Office is honoring an iconic Navy warship.   Read More >

Military Books Worth a Look

Check out these five titles published across 100 years showcasing military history.  Read More >

Troops Could Sue for Malpractice

A House bill would end a policy that prevents troops from filing suits against military medicine.   Read More >

Google Job Search for Mil Spouses

The web-search giant is offering a new tool and new programs to benefit the military community.   Read More >

What Financial Mess Will You Leave?

These small, sensible steps will help your family prepare.  Read More >

Spouse Launches Gymnastics Business

She created her academy in Germany, after her husband moved their on assignment.   Read More >

Hundreds Storm Capitol Hill

Thank you for supporting better benefits for the military community. See highlights from this year’s advocacy event.   Read More >

Tips for Older Job Seekers

Age bias exists. Here's how to fight it.  Read More >

LinkedIn Premium For Caregivers

LinkedIn has partnered with the VA to offer military caregivers a free year of LinkedIn Premium.  Read More >

54 Books For Your Summer Reading

By Rachel Barth, MOAA Creative Director While some people like to spend their summer vacation relaxing with the lastest bestseller, others use the time as an opportunity to catch up on the classics and must  Read More >

Kidnapping Scam: Army Family Targeted

This article by Amy Bushatz originally appeared on, the premier resource for the military and veteran community. An Army family was recently the victim of a kidnapping scam, Army officials said, sparking the  Read More >

Sniper Stars in TV Show 'Hard to Kill'

By Amanda Dolasinski He's hiked through Afghanistan on the hunt for enemies and bloodied up the best mixed martial arts fighters. He's received death threats from ISIS and even challenged them to a face off at his  Read More >

Disease Linked to Agent Orange

Agent Orange related ailments can manifest in a number of ways and decades down the road, and some veterans don't even make the service connection. One dangerous condition is ischemic heart disease, and a MOAA member is making it a   Read More >

5 Vintage Military Reads

Are you looking for classic military literature to inspire your thinking this summer? MOAA's reviewer Col. William Bushnell, USMC (Ret), has put together a compilation of Vintage Books that will keep you turning pages while reminiscing  Read More >

Full Military Honors Granted

Cremated remains left near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial will now be laid to rest alongside their comrades with full military honors. The Missing in America Project, a nonprofit that made an agreement with the National Parks Service, will accept the  Read More >

New Program Provides Free Pilot Training

  Read More >

Spouse Fears For Husband's Safety

By Brooke Goldberg For the better part of my 15 year marriage to an Air Force pilot, I kissed my husband goodbye as he walked out the door in his green flight suit worn in garrison and   Read More >

Academy Athletes And The NFL

By Mandy Howard A 2016 DoD memo eased the road to professional sports by allowing officer athletes to serve in a reserve capacity immediately upon graduation from a service academy, assuming a professional sports binding contract was secured.  Read More >

More Vets Needed In Congress

A former infantry officer who led one of the first Marine platoons into Iraq in 2003 said veterans have what it takes to buck partisan gridlock in Washington and bring compromise back to government leadership. Rep. Seth Moulton,  Read More >

Running Out Of Room In Arlington

(Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley Coast Guard) April 23, 2018 Time is of the essence at Arlington National Cemetery, Va. After a handful of advisory committee meetings and a  Read More >

Capt. Makes History in Pageant World

Raquel Riley Thomas isn't your typical veteran.  Read More >

Ted Williams was John Glenn's Wingman

Nearly six decades after he retired from the game, Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams remains one of the most accomplished and revered players in baseball history. The last player to hit .400 through an entire season a feat he   Read More >

Colonel Finds New Career in Film

This article originally appeared in the February issue of Military Officer. IN HIS WORDS | DR. GREG DADDIS, MILITARY HISTORIAN AND DOCUMENTARY CONSULTANT As a history professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point,  Read More >

How Sesame Street Covers Tough Topics

This article is part of a series for Month of the Military Child about services that help kids cope with the military lifestyle.  Read More >

Trump to Award Medal of Honor to WWII Grunt

This article by Hope Hodge Seck originally appeared on, the premier resource for the military and veteran community. President Donald Trump will soon award the Medal of Honor posthumously to an  Read More >

Pay Raise for Troops

By Gina Harkins, Senior Staff Writer at MOAA Members of Congress agreed on a deal that would give servicemembers a 2.4 percent pay bump in 2018 up from  Read More >

Support the Military on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, this year on November 28th, is an annual day of giving encouraging people everywhere to donate to their favorite charities. As supporters of the military community, this is a wonderful opportunity to express your commitment by donating  Read More >

Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

By Reid Goldsborough There are lots of little (and sometimes not so little) tips and techniques that can shave a few of seconds off frequently used procedures or maybe  Read More >

Inside Story of MOH Recipient Capt Rose

By Senior Staff Writer Gina Harkins and Senior Editor Laural Hobbes Retired Army Capt. Gary “Mike” Rose received the nation's highest valor award in October, nearly five decades after his actions during a top  Read More >

Buckets of Money

By Capt. Kent M. Grealish, USN (Ret), CFP® AIF® Everyone knows we should “buy low and sell high,” so it is surprising when investors force themselves to  Read More >

Hispanic-Americans' Contributions to U.S. Wars

The U.S. government didn’t begin tracking separate statistics on Hispanic servicemembers until the 1970s. However, history indicates that — even as far back as when the colonies were fighting for independence from Great Britain — Hispanic servicemembers  Read More >

How to Avoid Phishing Scams

The online phenomenon of phishing — getting tricked through email into revealing your personal information to a scammer — has been around since the mid 1990s. But people still are getting caught, and phishers still are sending  Read More >

Send Congress a Message

The defense bill carries many of MOAA’s most pressing priorities every year, so this is likely the last chance to draw the line in the sand on these big issues until next year. As we continue to put   Read More >

Top 11 Career and Transition Apps

Make your job search easier with the apps that download right to your phone!   Read More >

August Recess 2017

Between July 28 and September 5, most U.S. senators and representatives will be on recess in their home districts to meet with constituents. This is a great opportunity for you as a MOAA supporter to visit your elected officials' local offices and advise them of your and MOAA's concerns on important matters.  Read More >

Portraits of Courage

Meet three officers painted by former President George W. Bush a decade after he sent them into combat.   Read More >

Ken Burns' New Documentary

As America observes the 50th anniversary of the controversial war, a new documentary from the acclaimed director aims to shed light on lingering questions.   Read More >

Servicemembers Lost in Action

New policies and improved technology at the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency lead to an increase in the rate of identifications.  Read More >

7 Easy Steps to Prevent Identity Theft

The risk of identity theft is real, but you can protect yourself with these simple steps.  Read More >

Support Recovery from Opioid Addiction

Recovery can be a challenging process for everyone involved and works best when family members are both appropriately supportive and attentive to their own needs.   Read More >

Bracing for BRAC

If a new round of BRAC is authorized, the GAO must look at it as more than just a numbers game.   Read More >

Transforming Trauma

By Patricia Kime Two years ago, retired Army Lt. Col. Andy Kaufmann had a plan to work with injured combat veterans and first responders to help them reintegrate and thrive in their  Read More >

The evolution of the International Shark Attack File

By Don Vaughan As beachgoers and couch potatoes alike gear up for another summer of shark mania, naval history reminds us of the extensive investigations that inform reliable  Read More >

Former Marines Help Businesses Develop Stronger Leaders

By Latayne C. Scott It’s not every day two former Marine Corps captains snag the attention of both a prestigious industry publication like the Harvard Business Review and   Read More >

Think Tank Nation - What Role Should the U.S. Have in the Fight Against ISIS

By Dr. Alan Gropman To defeat ISIS, the U.S. should use a different strategy than what was used in the Gulf War I (Deserts Shield and Storm) and Gulf War II (Iraqi Freedom), where  Read More >

Research Aims to Reverse Hearing Loss

By Capt. Edward Lundquist, USN (Ret) The engines, aircraft, machinery, and weapons servicemembers regularly use and are around are loud, painfully loud. So it’s not surprising hearing injuries top the list  Read More >

The Last Mile: Growing Peace with Saffron in Afghanistan

By Sue Anger Not every veteran returns from deployment in Afghanistan with a plan for a business venture, but Emily Miller, Keith Alaniz, and Kimberly Jung are off   Read More >

DoD Admits It Needs a Culture Change

DoD released this week its FY 2016 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military. The following day, the House Armed Services Committee's (HASC's) Military Personnel Subcommittee held a hearing on “Sexual Harassment and Violence at  Read More >

Tips to Extend Your Smartphone Battery Charge

By Reid Goldsborough You need your smartphone. According to a new survey by ReportLinker, 75 percent of Americans keep their smartphones active all day and night and 46 percent check  Read More >

Interviews with Three Famous Military Brats

Michael Strahan, Sunny Anderson, and Renée Montagne have something in common — their fathers all were military officers. Strahan would go on to have a legendary career in the NFL. Anderson landed a gig on Food Network  Read More >

Taking Care of Your Career References

Employers check references because of the all too common practice of résumé inflation and a strong desire to avoid a bad hire. Accordingly, job seekers must have a reference list ready to present on request — probably  Read More >

Tech Tactics - The Best FREE Digital Programs, Services, and Apps

By Reid Goldsborough It has been said the best things in life are free. But with digital technology, sometimes you have to pay to get good enough. It can be worthwhile to open up your   Read More >

Repeal Sequestration

Unless current law is changed, sequestration will return next year and automatically trigger deep cuts to the Defense Department. These severe cuts will exhaust our resources and capabilities in immeasurable ways—the toll on our military and their  Read More >

Top 10 things to keep in mind about LinkedIn

With more than 470 million people on LinkedIn, it’s safe to say most of us understand its power. However, there’s a difference between using the platform to have a simple profile and passively accept requests and harnessing  Read More >

From Battlefield to Vineyard: the Stories of 3 Military Winemakers

By Wendy Thies Sell Grape growing takes some guts and courage year after year, you're vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature. Perhaps this is why numerous veterans   Read More >

The Ripple Effect of PTS on Military Kids

By Don Vaughn Between 11 and 20 percent of veterans who served in operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom will experience related symptoms in any given year and the condition affects a significant number of  Read More >

MOAA Suggests Caution over Proposed Coast Guard and NOAA Budget Cuts

Over the past week, the San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post reported the president's budget proposes significant cuts to the  Read More >

Tech Tactics - What Should Your Next Device Be?

By Reid Goldsborough Are you in the market for a new device? Should you get a desktop PC, laptop PC, Mac device, Windows unit, tablet computer, Chromebook, or 2 in 1 laptop tablet combo? Choices,   Read More >

Should You Own an Individual Stock Portfolio?

By Lt. Col. Shane Ostrom, USAF (Ret), CFP Specific answers to anything financial are rare. But this time, I’m going out on a limb to say, no no individual stock portfolios. Few exceptions exist.  Read More >

The Right to Fight

By MOAA Senior Staff Writer Gina Harkins When three female Marines joined their North Carolina based infantry unit at the start of 2017, they weren’t there to serve in support roles.  Read More >

Here are 10 ways Shulkin plans to modernize the VA

By Gina Harkins, senior staff writer at MOAA The new VA secretary laid out a 10 point plan for improving veterans' health care this weekend and it   Read More >

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Colonoscopy

By Rear Adm. Joyce Johnson, D.O. Colorectal cancer kills around 50,000 people each year in the U.S., but these deaths could be prevented if everyone were screened appropriately, enabling early diagnosis and treatment.  Read More >

7 Facts That Affect Heart Health

By Marilyn Pribus Cardiovascular health is “a tremendous story of scientific research,” according to Dr. Michael Lauer, deputy director for extramural research at the National Institutes of Health.  Read More >

Surprising Facts about Presidents Who Served in the Military

When the framers of the Constitution began to construct the nation's most important document, the lessons of the War for Independence were fresh in their minds. Loath to repeat the European model of governance in which  Read More >

12 Apps to Improve Heart Health

Check out these apps to help you understand, track, and change your cardiovascular health.  Read More >

Help Your Heart Now

By Don Vaughan The human heart is a remarkable machine, pumping blood through our bodies at an astonishing 85,000 beats a day. But like all machines, the heart  Read More >

2017 Legislative Goals

Voice's for America's Troops supports the advocacy efforts by our parent organization, the Military Officers Organization of America. Here are MOAA's 2017 legislative goals Remove the sequester  Read More >

Black Military Units Throughout History

By Don Vaughan Facing institutional racism as well as the enemy, African Americans have fought throughout our nation’s history with honor and bravery, often making the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. Here are  Read More >

All-Black Female Battalion Made History

By Don Vaughan Photo Credit National Archives and Records Administration During World War II, few things were  Read More >

Service Academy Grads in Super Bowl LI

By Mandy Howard On Feb. 5, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will face off in Super Bowl LI. The winning team will have the honor of   Read More >

Bodybuilding Military Officers

By Gina Harkins Keeping a New Year's resolution to get fit can be a challenge. The motivation many feel at the start of a brand new year can begin  Read More >

Military Movies to Appreciate or Avoid

By Mark Cantrell Most moviegoers who saw The Hurt Locker, director Kathryn Bigelow's fictionalized account of an explosive ordnance disposal team in Iraq, found it to be a gripping, suspenseful combat   Read More >

Ways to Volunteer for Military Causes

By Latayne C. Scott Many Americans want to do something to show their appreciation for the military. Some choose to work with one of more than 400,000 organizations that  Read More >

Health and Safety Tips for Travelers

By Don Vaughan Americans love to travel. Whether it's a weekend trip to visit family or a monthlong world tour, we're on the move more than ever before. But   Read More >

A Game of Truce

By Matthew LoFiego “It is a great hope for future peace when two great nations hating each other as foes have seldom hated, one side vowing eternal hate and vengeance and setting their venom to music,  Read More >

New Year's Eve Traditions

With New Year's Eve less than two weeks away, we offer six ways to celebrate. 6. Blade and bubbly For sheer drama, nothing beats opening a  Read More >

Counting Calories for Weight Loss

By Rear Adm. Joyce Johnson, USPHS (Ret), D.O., M.A. Some restaurants are required to list prominently the calories of menu items, yet this has little impact on most people’s food selections, studies   Read More >

7 Little-Known Facts about Toys for Tots

Each year, the Marine Corps Reserve collects hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of donations for its annual Toys for Tots drive. Marines in dress blues  Read More >

What do rising interest rates mean to investors?

By Lt. Col. Shane Ostrom, USAF (Ret) On Dec 14, the Federal Reserve raised the federal funds target rate, the first increase since December 2015. (That 2015 increase was the first  Read More >

Defense Bill: Pay, SBP, TRICARE, and Housing Wins

We are pleased to share an update from our parent organization, the Military Officers Association of America, on our successes in the FY17 Defense Bill House and Senate leaders resolved hundreds of differences between their  Read More >

Servicemember Superheroes

By Mark Cantrell In the face of chaos, it's human nature to get as far away as possible. That's why civilians consider it remarkable when servicemembers move toward a risky situation. But military personnel are   Read More >

Be Smart About Charitable Giving

By Cmdr. Bill Finch, USN (Ret) In 2015, Americans donated $373.25 billion to charity, a more than 4 percent increase from 2014, according to the National   Read More >

Tips for Networking Over the Holidays

By Jim Carman Routine end of year rituals could provide the impetus to start a job search. A paltry annual pay raise or a performance appraisal that reinforces the   Read More >

The Storied History of the Army Navy Game

By Mandy Howard On a cold November afternoon in 1890, two branches of the U.S. armed forces turned to face one another on the field of battle. The New York Sun warned of freezing temperatures that   Read More >

Paradise Under Attack

By Meribeth Meixner Reed By 1939, the uneasy peace that followed World War I was crumbling. As international unrest steadily escalated, the Army Nurse Corps and Navy Nurse  Read More >

Educational Assistance

Students (under age 24) who are children of former, active or retired officers or active or retired enlisted military personnel are eligible to apply for MOAA's Educational Assistance program. If such a child served in a Uniformed  Read More >

Trump's Military: Here's what troops can expect from their next commander in chief

By Gina Harkins, MOAA Senior Staff Writer A Washington outsider who pledged to rebuild what he's called a weak and ineffective military soon will serve as the new commander in chief.  Read More >

Is It True? Tools and Tips for Fact-Checking

By Reid Goldsborough  Read More >

Update on FY17 Defense Bill

November 22, 2016 Congressional leaders have decided to kick the can to next year on most major funding issues. Instead of passing a year end omnibus appropriations bill to fully fund government operations for  Read More >

Is Teleworking for You?

By Vera Wilson You probably know people who work from their homes, but are you and your job right for teleworking? Teleworking garnered  Read More >

'Hacksaw Ridge' tells the story of a soldier who wouldn't bring a gun to war

By Gina Harkins, MOAA Senior Staff Writer The story behind Desmond Doss' Medal of Honor is hitting the big screen more than 70 years after the Army medic charged into the   Read More >

Tech Tactics - Will E-books Replace Printed Books?

By Reid Goldsborough It doesn't look like printed books are going away anytime soon, according to recent findings of a survey by Pew Research Center.  Read More >

3-D Printed Prosthetic Covers for Military Amputees

By Anayat Durrani Additive manufacturing, or 3 D printing, is changing the way prosthetics are manufactured and, in the process, changing the lives of military amputees.   Read More >

Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

Despite numerous campaigns to bring bullying into the national spotlight, intimidation and aggression among school age children continues to be a serious problem in the U.S., reports the anti bullying website   Read More >

Congress Leaves Government on Idle

September 30, 2016 On fourth down and 2 (days before shutdown), Congress punted the appropriations football until Dec. 9. The continuing resolution (CR) Hill and Administration leaders finally approved will keep the government operating  Read More >

Unregulated Online Pharmacies

By Don Vaughan Each year, thousands of Americans turn to illicit online pharmacies to purchase prescription medications, unaware they might be putting their health in jeopardy and even risking  Read More >

Continuing Resolutions are Bad News

It appears increasingly unlikely Congress will pass a budget before September 30. Senate leaders already are in talks with the White House to plan a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government running through early December.  Read More >

Memory Chip Vs. Traditional Hard Drive Storage

By Reid Goldsborough As early as 2018, more than half of personal computers (PCs) will store data on memory chips rather than the hard drives made with spinning platters that have been a fixture in   Read More >

Zika: What You Need to Know

By Rear Adm. Joyce Johnson, USPHS (Ret), D.O., M.A. As of early August, 1,825 cases of Zika virus had been reported in the U.S., including 16 cases with documented  Read More >

Clinton, Johnson, Trump: Presidential Q & A

Our parent organization, MOAA, reached out to Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Donald Trump for their perspective on issues important to the military community. Each candidate received the opportunity to provide responses to  Read More >

Protect Your Computer Data

By Reid Goldsborough When you're traveling or otherwise away from your home or office and carrying a laptop or tablet computer, you should take the same care with your data as you do with your  Read More >

Dogs on Deployment

By Anayat Durrani As any servicemember with a pet knows, animals are very important members of the family. One of the most heart wrenching decisions is having to  Read More >

Absentee Voting: Myths and Realities

Absentee voting issues tend to become an issue in every election cycle. If you plan to submit an absentee ballot for this upcoming election, make sure you know the facts. If you know any military servicemembers deployed, please share.  Read More >

Military Olympic Athlete Profiles

Check out some of the awesome Team USA Olympians who also happen to be servicemembers Paul Chelimo Service Army Rank Specialist Event  Read More >

Fiduciary, Fiduciary, Fiduciary

By Lt. Col. Shane Ostrom, USAF (Ret) Fiduciary. It’s the term of the season in the financial industry. Technically, it defines the standard of service in which a financial professional works with clients. Fiduciaries  Read More >

Tech Tactics - Protect Your Computer Data

By Reid Goldsborough When you're traveling or otherwise away from your home or office and carrying a laptop or tablet computer, you should take the same care with  Read More >

Loaning Money to Family and Friends

By Vera Wilson Your brother lost his job and his wife is eight months pregnant, so he asks you for a short term loan to tide him over. Or maybe your best friend wants to  Read More >

Another Day, Another Financial Crisis

By Shane Ostrom Well the British decided to secede from the European Union. Did you find yourself worrying about what would happen to your investment portfolios? This  Read More >

Does the Public Trust the Military?

The survey says, “Yes.” The military continues to enjoy widespread support across the United States, according to a new survey released by Gallup. As an institution, the military holds a 73 percent approval rating,  Read More >

Tips for a Safer Cruise Vacation

By Mark Cantrell Cruising is one of the most popular vacations in the world, with some 24 million people choosing an ocean voyage in 2015. That's not surprising a cruise ship serves not only  Read More >

Tech Tactics - 12 Tips to Look Your Best in Email

By Reid Goldsborough There's no universal agreement what makes you look good and what doesn't in email, but thinking through your decisions before clicking send can help ensure  Read More >

5 Drops of Financial Wisdom

By Shane Ostrom In my days as a financial adviser and now as an educator at MOAA, I have witnessed financial behaviors that span the spectrum. Good or bad behavior, there is something to be  Read More >

The Sweet Side of Military Rations

By Don Vaughan Anyone who has served in the armed forces will tell you military rations aren't exactly dinner at The Ritz Carlton. In fact, many items are less   Read More >

Protect Yourself from Medical Errors

By Don Vaughan Medical errors now are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., behind cancer and heart disease, according to a  Read More >

Tech Tactics - How to Deal with the Device-Addicted Generation

By Reid Goldsborough A poll of more than 1,200 U.S. parents and children by Common Sense Media, a San Francisco nonprofit that offers  Read More >

Schoolchildren Thank WWII Vets

By Spencer Brooks We hear the phrase “never forget” all the time, but actions speak louder than words. As time goes on, events to which we once paid  Read More >

Dealings with Risk in Money Management

By Lt. Col. Shane Ostrom, USAF (Ret), CFP Risk. Isn’t risk the reason so many people fear the stock market? Risk in the stock market is only one of   Read More >

High-Tech Global Scavenger Hunts

By Anayat Durrani Up for an adventure? Geocaching promises that and more. It’s an electronic treasure or scavenger hunt but on a worldwide scale. Former Navy Petty Officer  Read More >

Pentagon Pulls Plug on Hiring

April 1, 2016 Effective March 20, the Pentagon has implemented a civilian hiring freeze that affects all vacant permanent civilian positions for which no tentative employment offer had been presented as of March 19.  Read More >

Protect Yourself from Ransomware

By Reid Goldsborough Ransomware is a type of malware or malicious software that prevents you or your organization from being able to fully use your computer system until you pay the attackers a ransom.   Read More >

Update from the Board of Directors

Led by Chair Lt. Gen. Michael Rochelle, USA (Ret), the Voices for America’s Troops Board of Directors met last week to discuss current organizational activities and suggest areas for improvement. The Board recognized Molly Mallon, head of   Read More >

How to Support the Troops

You don’t have to wear a uniform to support your country. We all want to serve on the home front and support the military. The question is how? An easy way to start  Read More >

Should Apple Help the FBI?

By Reid Goldsborough  Read More >

Prevent Auto Installation of Windows 10

By Reid Goldsborough Do you like Windows 7? Many people do. In organizational settings, some custom programs are customized for Windows 7. A small percentage of printers and other peripherals work with it but not  Read More >

Top Generals: Issue Women Draft Cards

February 5, 2016 The top generals in the Army and Marine Corps told Senate lawmakers that women should be required to register for the draft. In testimony before the Senate Armed Services  Read More >

Understanding Fixed Index Annuities

Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA) are very popular at this time. Let’s get to know the product. These annuities are sold by insurance sales people and financial advisers. FIAs are an insurance product and they are  Read More >

Money-Saving Habits to Begin Now

By Vera Wilson One of the secrets to a healthy financial future is to develop strong money savings habits now to be used over your lifetime. The key to  Read More >

Shop Online and Contribute to Charity with Amazon Smile

By Reid Goldsborough Imagine buying what you need and want online and helping save the world at the same time? That's the premise behind  Read More >

History Revealed

By Mark Cantrell They’re old men now, their backs bent against the years, faces leathered with age. Many are in wheelchairs. On a hot summer afternoon in Washington, D.C., nearly 400 of their number assemble outside  Read More >

Atomic Veterans, Part II

Click here for Part I A Turn for the Worse In  Read More >

Atomic Veterans, Part I

“… Most people are afraid of radiation. Radiation is the one new effect obtainable by the use of an atomic bomb. Truthfully, this is the least important of the three effects as far as the soldier  Read More >

Celebrities Support the Troops

By Latayne C. Scott A comedian cracks jokes but shows tenderness toward the battle weary. The worldly wise actress puts her arm around a wounded servicemember’s shoulder. A musician sings of yearning toward a distant wife and child,  Read More >