News Release 2/22/14

MOAA Celebrates 85th Anniversary as Military Advocacy Organization

Alexandria, Va. — Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), the nation’s largest and most influential association of 390,000 active duty, National Guard, Reserve, retired and former military officers, their families and survivors will celebrate its 85th anniversary on February 23.

MOAA was founded in Los Angeles, Calif. on Feb. 23, 1929 with 63 members because the founders believed retired officers as well as their families would benefit by joining together. It was called The Retired Officers Association.

In January 2003, the Association changed its name to the Military Officers Association of America to reflect its emphasis on serving all military personnel, regardless of active duty or retired status. 

“Though an officers association, MOAA takes great pride in serving all military personnel, regardless of rank or branch of service,” MOAA President Vice Adm Norb Ryan said. “We are also proud of the fact that we have 409 organized autonomous local chapters affiliated with the national organization.”

MOAA is known for its annual Storming the Hill event, at which representatives from local chapters in all 50 states journey to Washington every year to inform, educate and lobby Congress with their most important issues,” Ryan continued. “We are an authentic grass roots organization whose strength is not only in numbers, but in the commitment, dedication and engagement of its many local members throughout the country.”

Over the last decade, as Co-chair of the 33 association Military Coalition, MOAA has been cited for its leadership in maintaining major advocacy victories; such as major GI Bill upgrades and transferability, wounded warrior protections, caregiver enhancements, repealed REDUX retirement penalties, compensation increases for disabled retirees, pay raises and maintenance, end strength increases and survivor benefit upgrades.

Most recently, MOAA was instrumental in preventing the cost of living increase cut that would have resulted in tens of thousands of dollars of lost income for military families.

Though most known for its advocacy, MOAA is also a leader in many programs that assist military families and enhance quality of life in all stages of life. MOAA’s Scholarship Fund has provided interest-free loans totaling more than $100 million to more than 12,000 students since its inception in 1948.

MOAA is also a leader in career transition for military members by providing personalized counseling and state-of-the-art career fairs for service members and their spouses.

MOAA’s annual Warrior Family Symposium, three spouse symposiums each year and other programs are known for their hard hitting approach to identifying and addressing critical issues for military families.

In Jan. 2014, MOAA expanded its support of veterans and survivors and their families by adding Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) claims assistance to its suite of transition services.