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Summer travel season is officially here, and with it comes thoughts of the perfect summer road trip. After all, there’s no better way to see the countryside than by driving through it, making the journey just as much an adventure as the destination. But is your vehicle up to the task? If you’re in the market for new wheels for your upcoming road trip, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons for different road trip-worthy vehicles. And who knows: maybe one of them will turn out to be your dream car.

Convertibles. Having a convertible lets you get the most of the fresh air and the summer sun–though if you wind up driving through heavy traffic or high heat, you may regret getting too much of both. Still, there’s no better way to shake off the winter doldrums than by putting the top down and enjoying a drive on a sunny day (but we definitely recommend sunscreen). On the downside, the small size of the average convertible—typically they’re two-door coupes, and not all have a back seat—means these just won’t work for a family getaway.

Minivans and SUVs. Sure, these don’t have the same attractive looks as a convertible or a sports car, but they’re eminently practical—especially if you’re planning on taking a big family trip, since these vehicles often seat seven or more comfortably. For a family with kids, this class of vehicle typically offers television, DVD players, or other entertainment features you don’t usually see in smaller vehicles.

Hybrids. If you plan on putting a lot of miles on your road trip vehicle, a hybrid may be the most sensible option. With their excellent gas mileage, hybrids are a great bet for covering long distances without breaking your gas budget. Most hybrids aren’t as large as a minivan or SUV— you can find SUV hybrids that will offer you better than average gas mileage on these larger vehicles, though not as good as a more conventional hybrid sedan—meaning not every hybrid will be ideal for a large family trip. Still, the average hybrid is a great choice for small group trips.

Off-roaders. If your idea of a great vacation involves camping, hiking, fishing, or any other kind of trip that might take you away from the standard highways and byways, you’ll want to look for a vehicle that can get you where you need to go—even if roads can’t. Your typical 4×4 will be rugged enough to get you through rougher than usual terrain, but they’ll lack some of the passenger capacity and creature comforts found in more conventional vehicles. These are great for their specific purpose, but you may not find them the most comfortable option for long trips or larger groups with minimal off-roading.

RVs. If you’re looking to take your vacation home with you on the road, an RV (transport and hotel all in one) may be what you’re looking for. These vehicles can offer great accommodations for family travelers, but they’re a pricy investment that you won’t want to make unless you’re planning on spending a good amount of time on the road in the future. Still, if that kind of travel appeals, an RV may be the perfect summer road trip companion.

Whatever you’re looking to buy this summer, PenFed has new and used auto loans to get you into your dream road trip vehicle without spending a fortune. Happy travels!