Recent additions to the Voices board answer questions about their motivations, interests, and share their personal stories. Get to know them better today! 

Charles N. Starnes, PhD

What about the Voices mission and work really motivates you?

In my home town I enjoy the gratitude of my friends and neighbors who didn’t serve in the military. They are always curious about my submarine adventures. With over 99% of Americans having not served, I seeVoices as one means to engage the 99% with the adventures and challenges of the 1%. It’s a mutual honor: I’m grateful I could serve, and my friends and neighbors are grateful for my service. We’re all on the same page of history. Voices helps us find our place on that page.

What is your fondest military-related memory?

Currently, my favorite moment is the chance to help a disabled veteran in his quest to start a business that will help other vets cope with the issues of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am using my military experience and GI-Bill funded education to guide his business venture.

What advice would you give to a civilian who wants to support the military but does not know where to start?

The needs of our veterans vary as widely as the needs of our society. Our veterans don’t want handouts, but they need a chance. Finding out about the capabilities and needs of veterans is a first step. Being always appreciative of the sacrifices of the service members and their families is another important step. Becoming a member of Voices can help achieve both of those important steps.