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Voices for America’s Troops is no longer accepting new membership. If you are interested in supporting Voices’ mission, please consider donating to The MOAA Foundation. Learn more here.

Who We Are

As American citizens, we depend on the brave men and women who voluntarily give their time — and sometimes their lives — to protect and defend our freedom here at home. We are fortunate that we have so many men and women who are willing to step up and sacrifice for the greater good.

That’s what Voices for America’s Troops (Voices) is about. Voices champions the principle that sustaining a top-quality all-volunteer military requires a fair package of career incentives — consistent with the extraordinary demands imposed on servicemembers and their families who have borne 100% of the burden of national wartime sacrifice.

Many organizations, big and small, are devoted to helping the troops, but their efforts most often focus on specific needs. At Voices, the vital work we do every day on Capitol Hill helps all our troops and their families. In these crucial times, policies are being written that will impact military benefits for years to come. We want to make sure our legislators and government leaders understand the sacrifices servicemembers and their families make and get it right.

When you support Voices, you help:

• Returning veterans reintegrate into the civilian workplace 
• Military spouses find jobs 
• Provide protections and benefits for wounded warriors and their families, retired disabled veterans, and surviving spouses 
• Improve access to quality military health care

Plus, you get these great member benefits:

• In-depth electronic news, articles, and fact sheets on key issues affecting national defense, budget issues, and the military community 
• Legislative alerts and easy-to-use tools guaranteed to make your voice heard in Congress 
• A heads-up when legislative changes are made to military benefits that could affect you or a member of your family 
• Career transition services for senior non-commissioned officers, E7 and above 
• Eligibility for membership and benefits in the Pentagon Federal Credit Union 
• Money-saving discounts on rental cars, Dell® computers and accessories

I have not found a better resource in over a dozen years to keep abreast of current (military) issues. I am a non-commissioned officer. None of my family has served as a commissioned officer. I want to express my gratitude to the officers that make this resource available to all of us. Thank you for your service and continued service to all that have served. 

John Myatt, CMSgt (Ret.), USAF