Top 11 Career and Transition Apps


  1. Use Indeed Job Search to look for jobs from the convenience of your smartphone.
  2. Other job search apps include LinkedIn Job Search , which you can use to search, sort, and filter open positions. Download LinkedInLearning: Online Courses to Learn Skillsto pick up some new talents.
  3. If you want to learn a new language or brush up on faded language skills, Duolingoallows you to practice listening, reading, writing, and speaking the language of your choice. And you don’t need to keep your progress a secret: A recently added feature allows you to automatically post your progress on LinkedIn’s language section.
  4. A fun, easy, and effective companion app to Duolingo is Tinycards , which provides flash cards for practicing new vocabulary words.
  5. Seeking international employment? Download WhatsApp for free international calls and messaging.
  6. If you’re traveling for an interview, use FlightAware to view the status of flights, gates, etcetera.
  7. With Waze , you can minimize the amount of time you’re stuck in traffic; it will give you the best route to take to your job interview, factoring in congestion and accidents.
  8. Use Overcast: Podcast Player to download professional or personal development podcasts. Bonus: It will come in handy for entertainment during a long commute.
  9. Continue building your brand with a professional Twitter account.
  10. Need help organizing receipts and tracking your expenses? Download Expensify to track unexpected transition expenses, or keep track of tax write-offs if you’re a new business owner.
  11. American Corporate Partners’ online community connects veterans to business professionals looking to share their expertise. Current and former servicemembers can ask career-related questions and network with experts by downloading ACP AdvisorNet .